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Items marked with * are required courses for certification

Here at Work2Live, we know that you can't grow without learning. That's why we constantly strive to improve ourselves, in order to effect change for our own well-being and for those around us.

We offer a variety of classes to help you improve, learn, and grow. 


  • Gain clarity about time spent and how to improve time management.

  • Understand the value of mono-tasking over task-switching.

  • Gain a broader perspective about devices and their impact on time and productivity.

  • Learn how to effectively set goals and intentions.

Getting Things Done*

A critical skill you can master to ensure success is managing your time and setting goals.  Learn how to gain control over your productivity and how to gain more time in each day.


  • Learn how compassionate communication minimizes conflict.

  • Understand how to resolve a conflict once it has occurred.

  • Gain clarity in understanding feelings when needs are being met or not met.

  • Learn how to make a request from someone where both parties' needs are met.

Conflict Resolution

(Compassionate Communication)


Conflict resolution is one of the most valued skills in living or working with other people.  Learn how to mitigate conflict or resolve it once it has occurred.


  • Learn how MBCT combines  CBT and Mindfulness, and how it can help achieve goals.

  • Learn the difference between 'doing' mode and 'being' mode.

  • Learn how various precesses can focus the mind on a specific point.

  • Understand that the brain's neural connections can be changed.

Working with The Brain*

We can work much more interactively with our brains than previously believed. We can also change our neuropathy to change automatic behaviors that don't serve us well.  Learn how the brain works and changes in order to maximize successful outcomes.


  • Broaden understanding of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM).

  • Understand the foundation for most of these practices as based on a holistic perspective.

  • Learn at least one technique to use for self and others.

  • Gain insight into energy therapy and its benefits.



Allopathic medicine is no longer filling the bill on its own. We have much more power than we think we do when it comes to managing our mental, emotional and physical well-being.  Learn about these options as well as techniques you can start using right away.


  • Learn that self-awareness is a key aspect to both mindfulness and EI.

  • Learn what EI is comprised of and how it encompasses mindfulness.

  • Understand the benefits of practicing mindfulness.

  • Learn at least three techniques to strengthen mindfulness and EI.

Mindfulness &

Emotional Intelligence (EI)*

It's the key to everything from healthy relationships to effective leadership to a sense of well-being and calm.  This introduction to Emotional Intelligence and mindfulness provides the foundation for continuous enhancement, with benefits ranging from well-being to increased longevity.


  • Learn the difference between a growth and fixed mindset.

  • Understand how mindset impacts ability to learn and perform.

  • Gain clarity about how mindset affects adaptability.

  • Learn at least three ways to increase adaptability.

Growth Mindset & Adaptability

Our mindsets are the most powerful influence in determining our ability to succeed & feel happy.  Learn what mindsets are & how you can shift yours into one of positivity & growth.  Once we're in the right mindset, we're better able to adapt to life’s constant changes.


  • Gain clarity about how habits are formed.

  • Learn the basic process to create or override a habit.

  • Understand the benefit of changing or creating a keystone habit.

  • Gain insight into the power of habits.

Changing Habits

Up to 47% of everything we do each day is habitual. Understand how habits are created and how to change the habits that don’t serve us well.


  • Understand the importance of self-compassion during stressful times.

  • Gain clarity about the ways our thoughts contribute to feelings of stress.

  • Learn at least 5 techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Understand that self-care is not selfish, but selfless.

Managing Anxiety & Stress

We have to be well ourselves before we can be of service to others.  Learn how to manage anxiety to increase overall wellness, effectiveness and happiness.


  • Learn the two aspects of change response – rational and emotional.

  • Gain clarity regarding self-control.

  • Understand the relationship between goals and motivation.

  • Learn how to shape the path toward successful change.

Change Management

Change has always been a constant, but these days, it's also rapid. Understanding and successfully managing change is a valued skill and a necessity in today's ever-changing landscape.


  • Learn why structure is essential to maintaining productivity when working from home.

  • Understand the importance of establishing boundaries with household members.

  • Gain insight into the unique distractions faced while telecommuting.

  • Learn at least two strategies to employ to stay productive and focused.



We've been thrown into a virtual world without much warning.  Whether you need to telecommute now or want to prepare for the coming norm, learn how to work online successfully.


  • Learn how to create an effective PowerPoint presentation.

  • Gain clarity on available tools, such as teleprompters, microphones, cameras and lighting.

  • Understand how to integrate music and videos into your webcast.

  • Learn how to utilize interactive tools like polls and chats in your webcast.

Successful Webcasting

While some of us may return to going into the office, many will not.  The new platform for meetings, trainings and conferences is definitely going virtual.  Learn how to create and conduct a successful webcast.

*Please note*

These are classes done on your own, without a live instructor. You will be given digital materials to complete the courses. If you are interested in group instruction, please visit our Coaching Certification Page.

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