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(Pricing on Registration Page)

Registration Requirements:

  • Must be 21 years of age or older

  • Must have a device with video camera and microphone.

  • Must have reliable access to high speed internet

  • Must have or set up a Google Account (modules are in Google Docs)

  • Must submit registration fee ($75) at time of enrollment and pay per course in advance.

Certification Requirements:

(approximately 150 hours completed within six months of start date)​

  1. Complete all required classes plus certification application (approximately 94 hours minimum)

  2. Conduct 24 coaching sessions with clients and submit session reports for each (24 hours min)

  3. Submit 24 summary reports on coaching sessions conducted. (12 hours min)

  4. Submit practical application summaries on all reading assignments (10 hours min)

  5. Complete (or provide proof of having already completed) ten hours of psychotherapy, coaching or related mental/emotional therapeutic sessions. (10 hours min)

  6. Submit all fees.

Required Classes/Activities:

Webinar for Certification Program: Overview, and Google Classroom Instructions

  • Introduction to Coaching (Including forms and coaching docs)

  • Goal Setting & Time Management

  • The Coaching Session

  • Foundations in Psychology

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Energy Work

  • Working with the Brain

  • Leadership Coaching & Team Development

  • Coaching - Business Considerations

  • Certification Application

Annual Certification


Fee = $75

  1. A minimum of 12 hours of continuing education per year.

  2. Proof of continuing education (classes, seminars or other training).

  3. Summary report on activities/experience in prior year.

  4. Video conference call w/W2L Facilitator

  5. Adherence to all ethical codes of conduct and standards (no violations reported).

  6. Submission of documentation and renewal fee.